A Season of New Music

Summer is a always season of new music for me, as an artist and a listener. There’s a sense of excitement as I put together my summer playlist, knowing that these songs will somehow interweave with my memories of the coming months and create a new nostalgic connection. As an artist, summer brings a renewed creative energy after sometimes stagnant winter months. It’s a time of discovery, when I feel more open-minded to new genres and new artists that didn’t seem to click on the first listen.

There seems to be an overall trend as I get older, that it becomes increasingly difficult to connect with music the same way. It’s harder to be truly inspired or moved. As a musician this inspiration is what I strive for and what I thrive off of, so as soon as things shift I really try to immerse myself in creativity, reclaiming that connection as I explore new records and try to latch onto that feeling again.

With this in mind, I’m also releasing a series of new tracks this summer.  Each month i’ll be releasing a new track for free download, exploring different musical moods and arrangements that evoke summer to me. I want to share my work in the midst of inspiration as I work towards my next larger release. Hopefully one of them ends up on your summer playlist. The first single “Landslide” will drop on June 3rd.