Eastern Souvenirs

New Single "Falling" Available Now


Eastern Souvenirs has a lot of layers. Organic and electronic, clean and distorted, familiar and esoteric—the dualism of sounds holds everything in balance. Seattle-based songwriter Brian Fisher is joined live by Nicholas Blodgett on drums and Gabe Martinez on synthesizers. Building on loops and samples of world percussion instruments, syncopated beats and lush layers of guitar and synthesizer, Eastern Souvenirs creates sonically immersive songs that thrive on the push and pull of foreign and familiar.

The project began in 2014 as a home recording project utilizing looping and sampling of various world percussion instruments sent back as gifts from Fisher’s in-laws overseas. Underneath the ambient rattling of seed pods, rain sticks and wind chimes, this mix of textures and influences gives a transportive quality to the music. The arpeggiating melodies of the classical guitar against the backdrop of synthesizers and percussive ambience create lush and vivid sonic environments. Their debut album was released in February 2017 by BIG BLDG RCRDS. 


"...I could literally see the room, the people, the lights, and the performers, and I could feel my body moving in that space, I could smell that stale alcohol and too sweet sweat, which I think is really the ultimate goal of any album. Green Valleys is perfect but not too perfect, every so often Fisher throws in an off note or warps a chord, something to add this feeling of life being bent out of shape, taking the song to its extremes." -SECRETLY IMPORTANT

"Electronic music and acoustic instruments have always been able to coexist when merged with capable hands and Seattle producer/songwriter Brian Fisher has struck that balance with his project Eastern Souvenirs" -KEXP BLOG (FULL INTERVIEW)

"The light, catchy melodies will go perfectly with the summer energy we long for all year, and the melancholy subject matter accurately captures the season’s bittersweet, nostalgic tinge" -SEATTLE WEEKLY 

"...intricate, percussive music with guitar, synthesizers and a variety of percussion instruments from around the world. It’s the kind of stuff that typically has fans of Talking Heads and the Feelies creaming in their art school shorts" -NADA MUCHO

"Beirut-esque shoe-gaze? Sounds too good to be true, we know, but Seattle based Eastern Souvenirs, is making it a reality. Born from a wide array of instruments brought home from trips abroad, the project has a uniquely relaxing yet invigorating sound." -THE WILD HONEY PIE

"The sound is decidedly percussive, feeling distantly European against American indie rock guitar lines. It's the push and pull of cultures that makes Eastern Souvenirs such an interesting concept" - PREAMP BLOG




General Inquiries: easternsouvenirsmusic@gmail.com